There are a lot of foods that pose themselves as “kid-friendly”, but are they really? Let’s look at some staples that are usually placed inside baby traveling bags.

Apple juice and graham crackers are the two best buddies when it comes to children’s snacks. Well, if the apple juice is not from fresh apples, they could contain loads of sugar that can be detrimental to your child’s health. In addition, graham crackers contain a lot of calories and some sugar and may not be healthy for your child as well.

There are also other common kids’ foods that will tell you that they’re healthy for consumption but they actually aren’t. Here are just some of them:

Choco Spreads

Here is a known fact: kids love Nutella. But even though this is purported to be a healthy snack, it actually isn’t. You see, a serving of this delicious spread actually contains 21 grams of sugar. To put that in perspective, that is like having 5 teaspoons of sugar in one serving!

Parents are usually fooled by their marketing since they employ measures that will convince them to buy as it is “good for kids” and that they are part of a healthy breakfast.

If anything, you can still serve Nutella to your kids, albeit only on special occasions.


I just want to make things clear here- when I am referring to “Juice”, I am referring to juice cartons that you can buy on the grocery store.

These juice packs are usually the ones that are not fresh and that they contain loads of sugar. Although fruit juices are required by their bodies because of their abundance in amazing nutrients, you should serve them real fruit juice instead.

Now, if your kids are accustomed to such drinks, perhaps slowly transitioning to the healthy variety can help.

Fruit Snacks

Ever seen those snacks that look like real fruit but are actually part of the gummy bear clan? Yes, I am referring to those fruits.

They are usually labeled as “real fruit” but that is actually not the case as they are made of fruit juice concentrate and nothing else.

And oh, those concentrates? They are loaded with sugar as well- something which you do not want to serve to your kids.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are no doubt essential for more active individuals, but they are not the best kinds of drinks for your kids. A lot of schools start to give sports drinks as part of their sports curriculum, but you should be wary of these things.

Sure, kids who are more active will tend to sweat a lot more, but drinking sports drinks can actually be dangerous to your kid.

For instance, they contain loads of ingredients that are not needed by your child’s body. If their sports team’s rationale for them to drink sports drinks is to replenish their electrolytes, you can do the same by giving them foods that are rich in potassium instead.