1. Let things go.

Once you start writing a statement, your inner author attaches to it. What happens here is that even if it doesn’t perfectly fit within the scope of your content, you will still force it in there.
Don’t get too attached. Learn to let go of all the details that don’t deepen your audience’s understanding of your blog topic.

2. Take a break.

How to create a blog for free, and make money in Malaysia? Well, you must work hard, but at
the same time, you should rest once in a while. Writing a quality blog post requires quite a lot of time. If you think your draft needs some improvement, take a break from your online writing session first. Rest for a few hours before working on your final draft. Forgetting about it for a
while will help you discover new creative opportunities and overlooked errors.

3. Trim all the fat.

Eliminate all the unnecessary details in your writing. The simpler it is, the easier it is to read and understand. You’ll never go wrong with a clean, concise writing. Avoid awkward linking verb phrases, and those that have a passive effect.

4. A single sentence must only cover a single idea.

See to it that every sentence only covers a single main idea. At times, bloggers focus sounding intelligent rather than communicating information in a much simpler way. The result?
Complicated statements that can confuse readers. Remember, visitors don’t care about your blog writing prowess. What they need is simple content that is easy to digest.

5. Vary sentence structure and length.

We all love seeing varied content. Just like how long, medium and short sentences complement one another, compound and simple sentences complement one another, too. If sentences have the same length and structure, it gives out a boring vibe. Learn how to diverse your sentences to make the content more pleasant and interesting.