Use landscaping.

Landscaping is not only about placing plants at the front of the commercial building. The best thing to do is to research on local soils and native plants. Working on this will take time, so the sooner you start, the better.

The form is followed by purpose.

The function of the property must be the starting point of every commercial building exterior design. Take note of all your business needs, and work on a property that will accommodate all those needs.

Make use of symmetry in order to balance the shapes.

Every professional from a reputable architect company in Malaysia consider symmetry and balance as crucial factors that can help build a great commercial exterior design. There are tons of approaches you can implement to get an amazing, proportional exterior.

Use space wisely.

The exterior designer you will hire must be able to adapt his vision around how the property’s space would be utilized. Let your designer focus on those sections which are hard to use.

Choose the best materials for your windows.

Think about ease of cleaning, proper ventilation and durability when picking the best materials for your windows. Different types of windows require different kinds of materials. Your commercial property must have durable windows. If you want an office building with a modern look, settle with big expansive windows.

Decide on the best color combination.

What do you think is the best color for your commercial space? Should you go for bold colors or basic ones? Just like interior design, your office’s exterior color is crucial, since it can help you hide the flaws of your property.