A green home not only saves you money and a discount on your utility bills, but it can also be nice to choose the right materials as the building blocks can minimize natural resources used in homes.

If you’d love to transform an existing eco-centric house, these creative green home tips below will help you stand out and make full use of the less unused natural resources.

Use Blackout Windows

If blackout curtains and blinds are not your thing, a cheap and just-as-effective alternative is to choose to tint your home windows.

Similar to tinting your car windows to minimize sunlight, heat, and harmful UV rays, your glass sliding doors and windows can do the same (regardless of their size).

An advantage of tinted windows is that you can still have your privacy, without needing additional effort to wash the curtains or dust the blinds.

Use the Right Color for Walls

Darker colors absorb heat better than lighter colors, which is probably why everyone recommends that you do not wear dark clothes if you are actively outdoors during the day.

To repel more heat, paint your outer walls with bright and neutral colors such as white, beige and cream.

On the other side, the interior walls can be coated with special paints which have been proven to reduce the room temperature (heat-resistant).

Use Solar Panels

Solar panels that come for your home as a very heavy upfront buy, but don’t let that fool you as they will save you big bucks in the future.

Lucky for us, we live in sunny tropical Malaysia, so it won’t be a problem to get all the energy you need for the whole day!

Besides that, the government is offering “lower tariffs, tax incentives, solar leasing programs, and reduced electricity bills” to those who install solar panels on their roofs, so what’s there not to love?

We know, sounds interesting. Alternatively, you can opt to pay for the purely solar-generated electricity!

Have Proper Roof Insulation

Your house feels hot when your roof is heated to the shingles, which heats up the air in your attic and finally your ceiling until you have a hot house!

Insulating your roof helps prevent heat from entering your living space in the first place, and there are many cost-effective options to choose from, so don’t hesitate to inflict more information on your contractor.

Those living in high-rise homes may not be able to change their roofing to keep the heat out, but fortunately there is an alternative in the form of ceiling paint which can help keep the temperature down.

Consult the Experts

When everything else fails, it’s always best to talk to someone like architecture firms in Kuala Lumpur who knows best about this subject-a consultant on sustainability.

We will be able to help you better understand and address your green home problems, and you won’t have to risk wasting tons of money to change and fix things that have little or no effect.

It may seem like a major and daunting challenge to turn your home into a green home, but if you approach it bit by bit, after all, that’s not that much of an obstacle.

Even products such as furniture can be crafted from recycled, green alternatives such as table-top wooden pallets, rattan or bamboo seats, and even ecobrick foot-stools.