Are you expecting a baby or are you the person who is going to attend a baby shower soon? Choosing the right baby clothes may not be as easy as one thinks it would be.

Some people believe that just by looking at these “best for x months” sizes, they instantly assume that to be the case when buying baby clothes, but that isn’t really the case.

You see, babies have different statures. There are some that are born to be really small while there are others that are actually quite big. There are those that have more sensitive skin than others.

The thing is the numbers that you see on baby clothes that tell you that they are appropriate for a certain age just serves as a guide. It just lets you know that it could possibly fit your baby when they reach a certain age.

Although there are instances that those clothes will fit, you also have to consider that your baby can easily outgrow them.
Today, I am going to talk about some tips to help you choose the right clothes for your baby.

Consider the Season

Your doctor will tell you when your baby will supposedly arrive in this world so you want to consider the season when they are born.
For instance, if your baby is going to be born in October, you have to realize that that is already the Autumn season, which means that the weather could potentially be quite cold for them.

In that case, you want to buy thicker clothing to help insulate their tiny bodies. Consider the season and buy clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.

Get a Size Higher

A lot of people that attend baby showers would typically buy clothes that are ‘appropriate’ for 0-3 months old babies. However, it is vital that you buy a size or two higher than that.

You see, as previously mentioned, babies are born either bigger or smaller than you’ve expected. And, clothes that are appropriate for newborns may not exactly be appropriate for every baby.

Instead, you’d want to choose either the clothes that are fit for 3-6 months old babies or even 6-9 months, for that matter.

Be More Practical

A lot of people that attend baby showers would normally buy clothes that are cute for the baby to wear. Although there is nothing wrong with that, per se, you have to consider the season when the baby will be born.

If the baby is expected to come out during wintertime, it would not be practical to give them dresses or shirts since the weather will be quite cold in or out of the house.

Instead, you want to make sure that you buy clothes for different occasions. I know that you might have to settle with much more boring clothing, but you want to protect your little one, right?

Have Some Fun

Despite the fact that I said that you need to be practical when choosing your baby’s clothing, it is important that you also have fun as well. Again, considering the season, you can buy your baby some fun attire that they can wear when the weather is appropriate.