1. Type of server

Most beginners, including newbie online business owners, opt for a shared server. This type of web hosting service hosts a lot of other website. But, don’t expect your pages to load that fast. If you don’t want your website performance to experience server problems, just settle with a dedicated server. Remember, in choosing the best ecommerce hosting plan, you must take into account your website goals, business plan and lots of other preferences.

2. Level of support

Learning how to make money online in Malaysia has its own challenges. Thus, you need all the help that you can get. Without a good hosting company and round-the-clock support, you wouldn’t achieve the goals of your small online business. What if you experience technical difficulties late at night? Make sure that the web host has a dedicated support team that can attend to clients’ needs 24/7.

3. Server reliability

For several bloggers and online business owners, the most crucial factor to consider when picking a web host is reliability. Go for a company that has a powerful server, and can take care of your platform 24/7. Research on their uptime score. This is one of the most effective ways to determine server reliability. Never hook up with a hosting team with an uptime score that is below 99%.

4. Server software

The server software can also make a big impact on the kind of service that you will get from a host. This is an important tool that can make your life easer as an online business owner. Most web hosting companies use a cPanel. A cPanel is the standard when it comes to hosting control panels. It has a graphical interface which allows clients to manage their own websites and servers.