How is your sex life? More importantly, how long can you last in bed? Men won’t admit it but let’s look at the research, shall we?

It has been reported that average time for sex lasts anywhere between 5-7 minutes, but the most surprising thing is that 50% of the male respondents actually say that they
cannot last for more than 2.

The main reason for that is that they are suffering from a form of premature ejaculation and sometimes, men can suffer from erectile dysfunction as well.

That is a major problem considering that a lot of women actually want sex to last between 10-25 minutes in total.

So, how can you address this problem, assuming that you are one of three men in the world that suffer from the aforementioned conditions?

Taking penis supplements might help alleviate the problem, but premature ejaculation may have some psychological implications as well.

In today’s article, I will go over some ways to help you last longer in bed.

Curb Your Performance Anxiety

A lot of men generally think that they cannot last long in bed and that has something to do more with your mindset than actual physical conditions. If you think that you cannot
last long, you won’t. Performance anxiety seems to be one of the major deterrents for men that just cannot seem to please their partners long enough for them to ‘arrive’ at the same time.

Because of how prevalent it is, men usually think that the problem is insurmountable and that there is nothing that they can do to solve it. That is where you are wrong.

If you have performance anxiety, one of the best ways to tackle it would be to talk with your partner. If you talk to them about the problem, they will think that you want to solve
this and they will give you their full support.

Let me tell you something that might reassure you: premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are common in men. So if you think the reasons why you cannot last long is
because of these conditions, you are not alone.

Exercise Can Help

Have you heard of Kegel exercises? Basically, these are a set of exercises that can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. I suggest that you research on Kegel exercises, as well as Reverse Kegels.

A simple explanation about the function of such muscles is that it helps you control your urine. In addition to that, it also helps your ejaculation reflex so strengthening these
muscles can really help.

Practice ‘Edging’

As a person who ejaculates too quickly, you might have masturbated the wrong way your entire life. It’s like your cranking your arousal scale to 11 when you’ve just started a
minute ago and that is probably the reason why you finish too quickly when you’re doing the real thing.

Well, there is another way to help you with your situation. It is called edging and the basic premise is that you stop yourself when you masturbate only to the point that you feel that you are about to cum.

For example, you’re jerking off and if it feels that you are reaching the climax, stop yourself and let the arousal scale go down. As you feel the sensation simmering down,
you do it again.

Repeat the cycle up to the point that you can last longer than 10 minutes (as again, this is the minimum requirement for women when they want to have sex with their men).