Babies, especially newborns, are susceptible to their immediate environment. That is why it is imperative that parents should always have the appropriate baby clothes based on the weather and other conditions.

But, how exactly are you going to properly dress your baby, especially if they are going to be tucked in their bed for the night? Here are some useful tips:

Choose the Right Clothes

When you are going to put clothes on your baby, make sure that you are actually putting on the appropriate ones based on the actual weather or the environment you are in.

A rule of thumb would be to put layers of clothes on them depending on the weather conditions. For example, if it is wintertime, you may have to put 2-3 layers on to provide ample heat and insulation. The idea here is to provide the necessary protection without having to use a blanket since babies can get really fussy and they can get away from the blanket without way too much effort.

Have Them Wear Some Beanies or Hats

If your baby is awake, you can have them wear headgear such as a hat or a beanie, especially if the weather is cold outside. However, you have to take them off when they are about to sleep because it can be a choking hazard and that is something that you do not want to happen.

Base It on Your Baby’s Temperature

For the most part, the heat from your baby’s body will dissipate on their head or face. However, you can find out their overall temperature by touching their back or tummy.

That being said, the things you will do may affect their overall body temperature. For instance, if your baby is going to be placed inside a baby carrier, your body temperature may affect their overall temperature as well.

Again, you can find out if your baby is too warm by touching their back, supposing that you are babywearing them.

What is the Temperature of Their Room?

If your house has a general thermostat, then you would just have to think about what clothes you are going to wear since it will also be most likely what they’re going to wear (at least, in terms of insulation).

For instance, if the weather is generally warm and if you are just wearing a shirt, then having them wear a shirt just makes sense.

Consider Baby Wrapping

Wrapping your baby can be a great thing to do as it actually helps some babies sleep for the night. Make sure that when you wrap them that you only use those that are made of lightweight cotton. Ideally, you can also use muslin wraps as well.

Now, when you are going to wrap your baby, it is important that you do not cover their heads and it should go beyond their shoulders so that they won’t suffocate.

You also have to make sure that the wrap is not too restrictive. You still want your baby to be able to stretch their legs while they are inside the wrap.