1. Figure out the needs of your website.

What are your website goals? What are you planning to do with it in the long run? The right web hosting company can provide you with the tools needed to build the website that you want, as well as provide reliability, speed and storage. Are you building a visual gallery or a text-heavy blog? Look for that host that meets your specific needs.

1. Do some research.

Choosing among the top hosting websites in Malaysia is not easy. In order to find a team of professional that can help you with your web pages, you need to do extensive research first.

What are the features do you need? Familiarize yourself with different web builder options and web hosting companies. Create a short list of all your options.

2. Compare all the important factors.

The elements you need to check in a web builder and web host will vary. It depends on the requirements of your website. Here are some of the features that you should consider:

o Customization.

Will you be able to update and customize the website as you wish?

o Convenient setup process.

How quick can you get the new website online?

o Cancellation policies.

Is there any fine print or red tape that looks iffy?

o The cost of renewal and signup.

Apart from the signup cost, see to it to check the web hosting plan’s renewal rates. There should be no hidden obligations and fees.

o Technical needs.

See to it that the web builder and web host you pick meets the requirements of your website.

o Management settings.

Check who can do most of the website management tasks–a web professional or you?

o Support services.

A technical team must be available 24/7 to attend to your needs, whether it is by chat, phone or email.

3. Take into account several website bundling and building options.

Do you want to build your own website, or want to seek the help of reliable builders like Squarespace and Wix? Do you want the web hosting services bundled? Take note that many website building services also provide hosting, allowing people to create their websites, and get a hosting service as part of that package.