The ancient Sumerians and Egyptians called onion the plant of the gods and claimed the whole universe would be constructed on a multi-layer bulb pattern. It was a sign of wealth and immortality in Ancient Egypt so it was consumed in large numbers.It was valued as a medicine by the ancient Greeks, but rarely added onions to their food, considering it a common people’s food because of the sharp odour.

What are the health benefits of onions for men enhancement? We strongly believe that every man should be aware of the benefits to his overall health of this important crop. Not only do onions help increase cholesterol, control blood sugar, and improve the sound of the voice, but they also boost the immune system and serve as a preventive remedy to many men’s health risks. Not only is onion a great addition to any dish and a nutritious food, it also has a limitless amount of benefits for the body of men.

1. Increases libido

Chromiums and seleno occur in the onion, which serve as an aphrodisiac. Chromium minerals are believed to contribute to the rapid flow of blood into the men’s body. This in turn improves sexual performance for men.

2. Strengthens the male reproductive organs

Useful substances contained in onions contribute to the smooth flow of blood throughout the body, which increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

3. Increases testosterone levels

Testosterone is a male hormone which plays an important part in the reproductive system. This specific hormone is important in seminal fluid development. It also has an effect on bone and muscle tissue growth.

What are white onion benefits for men: onion diet tips to fight adenoma

Onion diet is a very effective method of treating adenoma. Unfortunately a high percentage of men around the world are dealing with this health problem.

Onion is valued for its ability to clean the bloodstream from toxins, lower blood pressure and cleanse the whole body. The effect is heightened by incorporating nuts and sunflower seeds to the onion diet, so recovery happens much sooner due to increased nutrient content.

The diet is expected to last a month. Half an hour before eating on the morning of the first day, you need to eat a small, raw onion. At the same time on the second day you need to eat 50 g of fresh peeled sunflower seeds instead of onions.50 grams of raw peeled sunflower seeds are required. On the third day, eating about 75 g of kernels of walnuts on an empty stomach before breakfast. You need to eat the raw onions again on the fourth day, and so on.
During the month, the consumption of onions, seeds, and nuts must be strictly adhered to, without changing the sequence, and without missing days. The effect will be noticeable after the first two weeks but the body needs a break for two to three months at the end of the allotted period, after which the diet can be repeated.

Benefits of eating raw onions everyday

An antibiotic

that’s normal. Onions help a lot with viral and colds but many people don’t know this vegetable is considered a home remedy for streptococci, tuberculosis sticks, and dysentery.

Robust immune system.

Furthermore, onion improves the immune system, and use for therapeutic purposes is extremely helpful. And to be on a safe side and avoid colds to illnesses, it is best to include onions in your daily diet.

Properties with disinfectant.

In military operations, onion is very often used because it can kill germs and serve as an antibiotic. Adding the onion or its leaves on the wound is enough and it will be totally free from germs and potential infections. Additionally, onions are useful for various types of inflammation, both inside the body and outside wounds