1. Hemingway editor

We all know Ernest Hemingway as a world-renowned author who is popular for his concise writings. This tool, named after him, can help you write long, difficult sentences. It can tell you If your statements have simpler alternatives, how many times you have used passive voice, and how many adverbs you used. It can also tell you about letters, characters, read time and word count.

2. Thesaurus.com

Thesaurus.com is the platform to turn to if you are looking for an antonym or synonym of any word from the English language. It synergizes effectively with Word Counter, since you can look for all the words you wrote repeatedly, and then get some synonyms with them. Synonyms are crucial because they help you continue your conversation with your audience, without mentioning the same thing over again.

3. Google Calendar

There are many SEO services in Malaysia that can help you with your blogging business. However, there are important parts of your routine that you yourself would want to work on. Google Calendar is a tool you can turn to when it comes to staying organized, and scheduling events. All you need is a Google account. You can also share your calendar with someone else.

4. Google Docs

Basically, Google Docs is a Microsoft Word’s online version. It has all the basic functions of many word processors, and comes with many formatting options for headers and lists. Just like Google Calendar, you can also share it with your team members. This is very handy whenever you want to proofread or edit something while on a car or somewhere.

5. Google Drive

Having Google Drive means having your very own server that can store everything you write. You can put all of your compositions in Google Docs folders, store images, upload spreadsheets and more. In addition to this, you can also share them to teammates, or keep it private. This is an outstanding solution for those businesses that don’t have their very own server storage yet.