So when does pregnancy begin? Well, it starts with the first day of your last menstrual period. Though keep in mind that there are some women who have erratic menstrual cycles.
It would be best if you use a pregnancy kit to ensure that you are indeed pregnant.

Once you’ve found out that you are going to be a mother, it is important that you start doing what you can to ensure that your baby is going to have a good life. This means
that you need to have their baby car seat ready, their clothes ironed and ready for use, and a whole list of other baby essentials.

How a Woman Gets Pregnant?

A woman’s body is in its fertile state two weeks after their last menstrual cycle. It is at this time then when a man and woman copulate and the man’s sperm enters the
woman’s body, there is a chance for the sperm and one of the woman’s fertile eggs to collide, leading to the creation of a zygote.

Once it turns into an embryo, it will then start to go into your uterine wall, thus starting the process of the development of a fetus.

Different Stages

During the first month of pregnancy, as the fertilized egg starts growing, it will be protected by a water-filled sac known as the amniotic sac. It is also at this time that the placenta begins to develop as well. Your baby’s blood cells will start to take shape and blood circulation begins. At the end of the month, your baby will be as small as a grain of rice.

By the second month, your baby starts to develop their facial features, as well as their central nervous system.

At the start of the third month, your baby’s extremities will start to form. Fingernails and toenails will start to develop as well. At the end of this month, your baby’s body will
already be fully formed, albeit still requires some time to fully develop
Four months in and your baby’s heartbeat is now more audible than before, though it requires a special instrument known as the Doppler to help you hear it. Their toes and fingers start to take shape. It is also at this time where their nervous system begins to function as well. If you want to know what your baby’s gender is, you can tell at this time using ultrasound.

By the 5 th month, your baby’s body is now primed to make more noticeable movements.
Their first movement is known as quickening and you can expect your baby to be spry even if they’re just in the womb.

The 6 th month is where your baby’s skin starts to become translucent. They are now able to respond to the sounds in their environment.

At 7 months, your baby’s hearing is now fully developed and the amniotic fluid starts to diminish considerably. Your baby will start to gain weight as well. Normal babies may
weight anywhere between 2-4 pounds.

Just a month prior to delivery, your baby becomes sprier than ever and may move more than ever before. All of their internal systems have been fully developed at this point,
with the exception of their lungs which may require a bit more time to mature.

At 9 months, your baby’s body is now primed for the world and their normal reflexes start to kick in.