1. Security

With a shared hosting plan, the hosting provider installs server security apps, firewalls and other programs. Their team is entirely responsible in providing a stable, safe environment. When it comes to dedicated hosting, securing the server is entirely your responsibility. It is your job to configure the software, and mitigate and detect website threats.

2. Website and IP Blacklisting

A shared server can introduce a scary risk factor to your website. Your website may be blacklisted by search engines because another website on the server becomes associated in
discouraged or illegal practices. Your website can become blacklisted.

3. Websites Hosted on the Server

Going for a shared hosting plan means that you are sharing the server with other organizations and websites. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, means that your website is the only one that is hosted on that server. As long as you work with a top host in Malaysia, you wouldn’t experience problems with your dedicated hosting plan.

4. Server Response Time and Performance

On a shared hosting set up, unexpected traffic can suddenly drain the limited bandwidth of the browser. If your server neighbor suddenly becomes popular, you are sure to get stuck in a massive traffic jam. That web traffic jam is unlikely to happen if you are on a dedicated server.

5. Costs

In a shared hosting set up, the resources of the server are shared among many users. Thus, the operating costs are divided for several people. This is the reason why shared hosting is affordable. Consequently, dedicated hosting is expensive because it only caters to a single user.
With a dedicated server, you can deal with high traffic spikes, install specialized software and
customize your server.

6. Disk Space and Bandwidth

In a shared hosting plan, the amount of bandwidth and disk space allotted for you are limited for the reason that there are many other websites sharing the server. If you surpass the amount
allotted to you, you will be charged more. With dedicated hosting, everything will be dedicated entirely to your organization.