Foreigners will surely love Melaka for its rich historical background, but did you know that this Malaysian city is also famous for its amazing food?

That’s right! You will find a lot of worthy food establishments in the metro and you will definitely want to visit them if you are here.

Today, I am going to go over some of the top food establishments that you must visit when you are in Melaka. If you happen to have a girl escort with you, dine with her so that you can have a pleasurable time.

1. Nyonya Makko Restaurant

If you have a lot of friends that went here, they will probably say that you should sample some Peranakan cuisine (or Nyonya foods). If that is what you want, you should
definitely visit the Nyonya Makko Restaurant.

Here, you will find an assortment of Nyonya foods that are so delicious that the locals hailed this as the best Nyonya food establishment in Melaka.

Once you arrive, definitely taste their delicious beef rending, Tenggiri fish in Asam Pedas, Sotong Chili Garam, etc.

2. Jonker 88

Jonker 88 is actually not a café but it is a small museum where you can find a piece of
history, as well as some delicious and inexpensive food.

You can find an assortment of Nyonya foods here as well, but the most notable dishes that have on offer are the Nyonya Laksa, Gula Melaka, and Chendol.

3. Nancy’s Kitchen

Although the place itself is not as big as the others on this list, Nancy’s Kitchen is still a worthy food establishment. Located in Jonker Walk, you can find plenty of exotic foods that may look weird but are actually delicious to the taste.

Some of the foods that you should sample here are the Poppiah, Chendol, Sek Bak (Braised Pork), Kedongdong Drink, and Sambal Satong Petai which is just Sambal Squid with Bitter Beans.

4. Geographer Café

The Geographer Café is famous for a lot of reasons. They have a nice and welcoming staff, friendly atmosphere, and some nice music playing in the background. The experience here is so amazing that it is no wonder why it received the Certificate of Excellence two times from TripAdvisor.

Although I would usually recommend some foods on the menu, sample all of what they offer. Trust me, they’re all worth it!

5. Hard Rock Café

If you want to eat some American foods, then there is no more place to be other than the Hard Rock Café.

Why should you choose this place? Well, they have an accommodating staff, great ambiance, a spectacular view of the city, and most importantly, you get live performances every night!

6. Tengkera Duck Noodle Restaurant

This establishment specializes in duck noodle soup, but you can also find an assortment of different noodle dishes if that is what you prefer.

This place has a great ambiance, good service, and some really nice plating. Their noodles are simply to die for.

7. Sun May Hiong Satay House

Although there are plenty of eateries here that offer Satay, this particular Satay house actually makes the best one in the city. Pair it with some of their amazing barbeque and you will be full!