So you are thinking of starting your own website and your friend told you that you can take advantage of a free web hosting service to have your website up and running.
True, you can actually put up your website just by utilizing a free hosting service, but is that actually what you want to do?
You see, there are a lot of disadvantages to choosing a free web hosting service and I will provide every reason why you shouldn’t get a hold of such in this article. After reading this, I hope that I’ve convinced you to select the best hosting provider out there.
So, without further ado, let’s get started!

No Support

This is actually true and does not let anyone convince you otherwise. If you are going to go with a free web host, you can consider support out of the window. That is because you are basically on your own when using such a service as any complaint you will send out to them will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Server Reliability is Unreliable

Since you are not paying for such a service, server reliability is not actually a top concern for such providers. So, if you want a reliable service, you are better off going for the paid plans instead.

Too Limited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is one of the major considerations when getting a hosting service and sadly, a free web host typically does not give you a lot of bandwidth to use. Even if you are running a hobby website, you still need some adequate bandwidth in the long run.

Bad Indexing
If you are running a company or an online business, it is important for you to steer clear from free web hosts. That is because poor performance across the board can tarnish your business’ pristine reputation. You do not want your online customers to go to another service entity now, would you?

No 100% ROI

You could pretty much establish your own business website and have it up and running using a free web hosting service. However, the problem begins when it comes to actual profits as there are some service providers that would get a cut of your profits even without you knowing about it.
Why risk it when you can pay a small fee to get a more establishing hosting provider to give you the services that you need?

Ads, Ads, and Ads

One way for free web hosting services to continue operating is by posting ads on your websites. Although you may already be aware of this if you read the terms and conditions, exactly what ads are placed on your website is unknown.
This is very dangerous, especially if you are trying to build an online presence. For instance, if you are trying to create blog content for teens and your hosting provider happens to put up adult website ads on your own blog, then that could be a huge disaster on your part.